Microsoft Marks the One-Year Anniversary of Windows Vista Worldwide Release

365 days and 100 million licenses later, enthusiasm for a safe, reliable and engaging Windows Vista experience is high. In a roundtable Q&A, members of the Windows Vista team and others about the past year and how Vista’s presence in the marketplace is maturing.

Since the worldwide release of Windows Vista one year ago today, people are doing more and getting more out of their Windows experience. From pictures and videos, to games and family safety settings, users are finding out that they can do more with Windows Vista.

To get the full picture of what the past year has brought for Windows Vista customers, PressPass gathered a group of people representing many different viewpoints: Neil Charney, General Manager, Microsoft Windows Client; Robin Mason, a mom whose family participated in the “Life With Windows Vista”, program (in which 50 ordinary families gave feedback for the development of Windows Vista); Jeff Price, Senior Director in the Windows Group at Microsoft ; Richard Russell, Principal Development Manager in the Windows Client Performance Group; Austin Wilson, Director, Windows Client Security Product Management; Kevin Unangst, Senior Global Director of Games for Windows; and Chen Shaopeng, Lenovo’s Senior Vice-President and President of Greater China Region.

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