Schneier: Security vendors exploiting user emotions kicked off its main proceedings in Melbourne on Wednesday morning with a stark message from security guru Bruce Schneier: “When security companies give you cost justifications, they’re complete bullshit.”

Schneier, author of the books Applied Cryptography, Secrets and Lies and Beyond Fear and described by outgoing Linux Australia president Jonathan Oxer as “a walking security adviser on the entire human race”, told a sold-out keynote audience that IT security planning is rarely effective because it fails to take into account the emotional considerations involved in security.

Most security products either address perceived gaps in security and provide an emotional sense of stability without actually doing much useful, or solve actual problems but don’t impart the same sense of security, Schneier suggested.

“You can feel secure, even though you’re not, and you can be secure even though you don’t feel it,” Schneier said.,1000000189,39292505,00.htm

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