The 10 funniest Mac vs. PC YouTube videos

Ten of the funniest parody videos:

1. Mac or PC rap music video
In this rap song, the PC urges the Mac to “Take a look at Vista, enjoy the view. I suggest Premium or the ultimate skew. Cop a Dell with a graphics card — super fast.” The Mac raps back that “Tiger’s fast as hell, but Leopard’s got the boom. Time machine is mad mean. You’re absurd — what’s a Zune?”

2. PC vs. MAC — money
In this video shot from the PC’s point of view, Mac boasts that he does work for PC when he needs something hip. But the Mac finds the pay for his efforts from PC lacking.

3. Chris Elliott’s Mac vs. PC commercial 2
This sketch from the David Letterman Show stars actor Chris Elliott in another parody of the Mac vs. PC ads, with PC striking back.

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