Russia steals malware gold from China

Russia has passed China to become the largest generator of spyware and other malicious code, according to a report. Security software maker PC Tools says that Russia now accounts for 27.9 percent of such software, compared to China’s 26.5 percent. The US, which had been the second largest producer in prior surveys is now in third place, accounting for a hair less than 10 percent of malware.,130061744,339286191,00.htm

Dell shipping systems with pre-installed keylogger?

At least one unidentified Dell user has recently found some additional hardware installed on his newly purchased laptop. Now, normally most people would be happy to find something extra included, but in this case it seems to be exactly the opposite. The additional hardware that was found was a hardware Keyghost keylogger. The user did what most people would do, immediately called up Dell, sadly the response was not exactly welcoming. More at Update:  Just for your info… Dell is aware of this Keyghost thingy since 2006:

Researchers Crack BitLocker, FileVault

The issue is described as a design limitation that could allow practical attacks against laptops in “sleep” or “hibernation” mode. Four of the most widely used disk encryption technologies—Windows Vista’s BitLocker, Apple’s FileVault, TrueCrypt and dm-crypt—have been rendered useless by a new attack class, according to a research paper released Feb. 21. via Calendar of Updates

Before you’ll grab Vista SP1 next month….

Check this page of Microsoft entitled “Information about programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality when they run on a Windows Vista Service Pack 1-based computer” before you allow installation of SP1.  Make sure you check with the vendor of your program whether their software has no more issue with Vista SP1. Today, the article shows below programs are blocked from starting after you install Windows Vista SP1 BitDefender AV or Internet Security Fujitsu Shock Sensor Jiangmin KV Antivirus Trend Micro Internet Security Zone Alarm Security Suite Then below programs do not run when you install … Continue reading Before you’ll grab Vista SP1 next month….

FBI warns: Hitman scam back with a vengeance

The online Hitman scammer who threatens to kill recipients if they do not pay thousands of dollars to the sender, is back and the FBI is warning users to ignore the spam and report any incidents to the Internet Crime Complaint Center The FBI said it’s receiving numerous complaints from users in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming  The Hitman scam has also been reported in Washington, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan since January.

The 10 funniest Mac vs. PC YouTube videos

Ten of the funniest parody videos: 1. Mac or PC rap music videoIn this rap song, the PC urges the Mac to “Take a look at Vista, enjoy the view. I suggest Premium or the ultimate skew. Cop a Dell with a graphics card — super fast.” The Mac raps back that “Tiger’s fast as hell, but Leopard’s got the boom. Time machine is mad mean. You’re absurd — what’s a Zune?” 2. PC vs. MAC — moneyIn this video shot from the PC’s point of view, Mac boasts that he does work for PC when he needs something hip. … Continue reading The 10 funniest Mac vs. PC YouTube videos

VMware to unveil security initiative

VMware Inc is working with some of the world’s biggest security software makers to better protect computers running on its virtualization software, said people familiar with the plans. Partners in the effort — dubbed VMsafe — include Symantec Corp, McAfee Inc, the Internet Security Systems division of International Business Machines Corp, EMC Corp’s RSA security unit and Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, they said. The sources asked not to be identified by name because VMware wants to unveil the initiative next week at the VMworld Europe users conference in Cannes, France.

Microsoft cuts Ultimate licenses for volume buyers

During most of 2007, buyers of Microsoft’s volume-licensing bundle were allowed to run one copy of Vista Ultimate on each machine covered by the arrangement. Microsoft quietly changed this policy, however, and now allows businesses to get only one Vista Ultimate product key for every 100 copies of Vista Enterprise they purchase. Read more at Other stories on this issue of Windows Secrets: KNOWN ISSUES: Dual-booting XP deletes Vista restore pointsWACKY WEB WEEK: Roll over, BeethovenWOODY’S WINDOWS: Vista Service Pack 1 — boring but necessaryPERIMETER SCAN: Now is the time for debunking the Mocmex threatPATCH WATCH: Microsoft pulls buggy … Continue reading Microsoft cuts Ultimate licenses for volume buyers

International hacking network busted, Quebec police say

Computers in Manitoba, the United States, Poland and Brazil targeted in scam Quebec provincial police say they’ve dismantled a computer hacking network that targeted unprotected personal computers around the world. Police raided several homes across Quebec on Wednesday and arrested 16 people in their investigation, which they say uncovered the largest hacking scam in Canadian history. The hackers collaborated online to attack and take control of as many as one million computers around the world that were not equipped with anti-virus software or firewalls, said provincial police captain Frederick Gaudreau.

McAfee: Virus writers going local

Virus writers are creating malware that is specially designed to infect users in a specific country The program is nasty. It deletes pictures and movies from your hard drive and then it teases you: “Even though Mr. Kaneko was found guilty, you are still using Winny. I really hate such people,” taunts an animated woman on your screen. Welcome to the age of localized malware. Over the past two years virus writers have increasingly targeted their malicious programs to users in different regions of the globe, creating programs that are specially designed to infect users in countries like Japan, Brazil, … Continue reading McAfee: Virus writers going local