New Sophos facial recognition technology uses webcams to stop hackers in their tracks

Sophos appeals for computer users to send in pictures to increase accuracy of new RAPIL system

IT security and control firm Sophos today announced its new RAPIL (Recognition and Analysis of Potentially Intruding Lifeforms) system which is able to produce a real-time forensic analysis of a PC or Mac user’s facial features to determine if they exhibit any characteristics commonly associated with hackers.

The new system uses webcams, now in widespread use on modern computers, to assess the facial characteristics of computer users, and cross-references them against features typically found in cybercriminals. Current tests show that with a clear background and provided the face is free of any obstructions, including hats, moustaches and sunglasses, the beta version of RAPIL has a success rate of 97.78 percent.

To add to the Sophos library of faces and help the fight again cybercrime, please upload your photographs at:

Video clip and screenshot at

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