Avira antivirus will detect infection while installing Comodo Firewall Pro

I mentioned before at Calendar of Updates the security vendors that will detect infection if Ask Toolbar or related component of Ask Toolbar is installed. I updated the topic by adding Avira antivirus as one of the security vendors that will detect infection on a user’s PC, if Comodo Firewall Pro with SafeSurf Toolbar is being installed.


An Avira antivirus customer reported in Comodo Forums that the antivirus is detecting infection while installing the Comodo Firewall. 

Why and why is the best firewall equipped with the Ask Toolbar and Safe Surf, i use Comodo Firewall and i use Avira Anti-Virus Premium and A-Squared Anti-Malware, Windows XP Pro with SP 3.

While installing the new firewall version a lot of warnings from Avira was coming up because the ASK Toolbar is seem as spyware/adware or there at least traces that leads to suspecting behaviour, als A-Squared show ASK Toolbar as unwanted. Avira still warns for Adspy/MYSEARCH.I.2. see description:


This Trojan may be downloaded from remote sites by other malware. It may be dropped by other malware. It may arrive as a .DLL file that exports functions used by other malware. It is used to exports malicious functions that are usually used by other malware files.

Other malware use this .DLL to monitor the activities of the normal process, IEXPLORE.EXE, using it to connect to a varying remote server.

I have removed the ASK Toolbar completely and safe surf it is not needed and it concerns me that Comodo the best firewall equipped with useless embedded software and i hope the next version is free from useless software.


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