Adware companies should laugh at these 3 security vendors

Comodo, Webroot and ZoneLabs offers antivirus and antispyware products.  Their scanners have detections on some known adware.  Their product will suggest to user to remove the known adware.

How about the adware Mysearch (ask toolbar) installed by Webroot, ZoneLabs and Comodo? Will they detect their own add-on?

Funny strategy by IAC because they are aware it’s being flagged but never cooperate to clean-up and the worst part, there are security vendors that adds “adware” to their (Webroot, Comodo, ZoneLabs) security product.
Their response? Just uninstall the toolbar or uncheck in the installation or configuration wizard. Will spyware and adware makers now have a good reason or can use that ‘type’ of response also? Programs with known spyware or adware will now laugh at these security programs because they will detect other program’s adware or spyware but will not detect their toolbar that is known adware.

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