In the Wild: Malware – Nuwar

Arrives as SPAM > link to bad website Website opens fake alerts within the browser: It will auto-download install_en.exe (66KB) 9 out of 33 malware scanner will detect it:

ISP backs off of behavioral ad plan

Charter Communications, one of the largest providers of cable-based broadband service in the U.S., has backed off of a plan to insert advertisements onto Web pages based on its users’ Web-surfing habits after privacy advocates called the program an “attack on users.” Charter said Tuesday it has suspended a pilot program to use NebuAd, a behavioral advertising vendor, to track its users’ Web-surfing habits and deliver advertising based on that information. Charter’s decision comes less than a week after two digital rights groups, Public Knowledge and Free Press, accused NebuAd and participating broadband service providers of using security exploits to … Continue reading ISP backs off of behavioral ad plan

Google fingered as major source of Badware

Google is one of the worst offenders when it comes to hosting according to research from a Google-sponsored site. Internet consumer advocacy group has released data on “badware” websites saying that Google was one of the top five networks responsible for hosting dangerous sites. The numbers show that China is now a top source of malicious websites – China-based networks hosted more than half of the malicious Web sites tracked by the group – but Google’s appearance on the list is perhaps more remarkable. Google is a sponsor of, and it is the company that provides the raw … Continue reading Google fingered as major source of Badware

Microsoft goes Pacific with new name

Fiji’s military regime is expressing outrage after learning today that Bill Gates’ giant Microsoft Corp has named its next operating system “Windows Fiji”. The company says it will eventually replace Windows Vista but it is not known what it will finally be called. The US software media say “Windows Fiji” is the working codename for the product inside Microsoft. It is a surprising name given that Fiji, at least in this part of the world, is synonymous for a failed military state.

US Judge: Microsoft must release Windows details

The judge presiding over Microsoft’s antitrust case said Tuesday that the company must release details on how different parts of Windows work together, according to a Dow Jones Newswires report.,130061733,339290097,00.htm

Spam attack shut downs Marshall Islands email service

Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority is reporting that a sustained spamming attack during the past 24 hours managed to cause a successful Denial of Service attack on the email services of the islands only Internet Service Provider.

Firefox Unspecified Arbitrary File Access Weakness

Mozilla Firefox is prone to a weakness that may allow attackers to gain access to arbitrary files. Very little information is known about this issue. We will update this BID as soon as more information emerges. An attacker can exploit this issue in conjunction with the ‘carpet-bombing’ issue reported by Nitest Dhanjani to gain access to arbitrary files on the affected computer. Successfully exploiting this issue may lead to other attacks. NOTE: This issue is related to the vulnerability discussed in BID 29445 (Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Client-side Code Execution Vulnerability). Vulnerable:  Mozilla Firefox 2.0 8Mozilla Firefox 2.0 … Continue reading Firefox Unspecified Arbitrary File Access Weakness

Apple Software Updater is still badware

The above is what Ryan Naraine reported today at his blog: He tried to update Apple Safari to v3.1.2 (it’s a security update for the browser) using Apple Software Updater but the updater will also install iTunes and iTunes+Quicktime.  It’s pre-checked. is asking users if you will consider Apple Software Updater as badware: IMHO, it is dodgy installer and because of this, I updated the thread over at Calendar of Updates by adding again another entry for Apple Software Updater. See the list of the growing number of Dodgy Installers which pre-checked and includes unnecessary software: … Continue reading Apple Software Updater is still badware

The Future of Windows XP; Letter to XP Customers

Microsoft created a page on the above subject to explain why they are saying goodbye to XP which they said a tough choice…but a right one as per this Microsoft Watch. Windows Customers have a letter, you can read it at When user visits Windows XP and Windows Vista page, you’ll see the letter by Microsoft to Windows XP Customers: