HD Moore pwned with his own DNS exploit, vulnerable AT&T DNS servers to blame

A week after |)ruid and HD Moore release part 2 of DNS exploit, HD Moore’s company BreakingPoint has suffered a traffic redirection to a rogue Google site, thanks to the already poisoned cache at AT&T servers to which his company was forwarding DNS traffic.


That’s sad.  I switched to OpenDNS servers when I found out that the ISP’s DNS servers here is vulnerable to cache poisoning.  I send the ISP an email but did not get a response.  I don’t mind as long they are working on it.  Today, I thought of checking the ISP’s DNS servers status by switching back and nice! they finally patched it!


I plan to continue using OpenDNS since I don’t see any slowdown in browsing even though I’m very far away from them. 

If your ISP’s DNS servers are vulnerable, please alert them and ask to patch then use OpenDNS while your ISP’s DNS servers is not patched yet.

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