Hooked but not stable; 2 Awards; SpyHunter and others

First of all a big Hi to all 🙂

I able to hook my laptop, Dell XPS M1210 online but the connection is really slow.  Got my new toy – a wireless desktop by Dell XPS 420 (wireless because I configured it to have Dell WLAN 1505 wireless-n adapter and this thing came with WLAN antenna) but it’s awaiting for the right time to get the security updates and upgrades and all other program updates.  When is the right time? That is when I will have a stable and fast connection.  Slow connection can get the updates but if the connection is NOT stable, I might end up downloading and installing a corrupted installer of the security updates and upgrades. 

Would like to thank the readers of this blog who sent me emails while I was offline.  Sorry that you did not receive any from this blog for a long time.  I moved… that’s why and I’m still going to move this month or early next month… if all goes according to schedule and plan.

I’m happy though that I able to hook online again.  It is taking ages to view pages though but rest assure that I have read your emails and some of you have receive a response already regarding my whereabouts, that I’m still alive (yeah! some emails I got asked me if I’m still alive LOL), why I’m not blogging and how to fix your PC from a particular rouge software/spyware/malware.  I also got an email regarding a user’s debit card charged for SpyHunter:

“Subject: (Donna’s SecurityFlash) : 69.95 deducted from debit car for spyhunter

Please can u tell me if this was done by yourselves or someone else using name spyhunter as i have not aythorised this paymenti live in oakhill lane ipswich”

I respond to the user that my blog is not related at all with SpyHunter by enigmasoftware.com and she should contact Enigma Software or her debit card issuer soon to cancel the said transaction… if she did not made the said transaction.  Again, it’s time to make a campaign against company that simply charge people’s credit and debit card! And also we need to educate ourselves to not to click on links or any pop-up.  Do not enter any debit or credit card numbers and also, always scan the system using trustworthy anti-virus or anti-malware programs.  And please use a good firewall – not a firewall that will only ask if you want or not to allow something but a firewall program that block an attack or too much port scanning. 

I got 2 awards this month:

One is the 2009 Microsoft MVP award.  Thanks Microsoft for the 6th year (consecutive) MVP award!  Find out more about Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program here.

The other one is from Web of Trust.  They call the award as “WOT Publicity Award 2008”.  You can read about it at their blog or view the January 2009 Inside MyWOT newsletter. I did not expect this award but thanks a lot for mentioning me there so I have added that image at the left pane of this blog <G>  Thanks WOT team for the award!

Before I forget, those who email me on why Calendar of Updates is no longer at http://www.dozleng.com domain (and whether the domain is really correct as http://wwww.calendarofupdates.com) …. Yes, it is true.  CoU is no longer at dozleng.com (it is now at calendarodupdates.com and no, you are not seeing fake domain so don’t worry) but dozleng.com is still registered to me and still administered or staffed by the same people, Peter Colburn (aka Coldincbus), Larry (aka Haroldo), Tim (aka Hardhead), MVP Rod Weymouth (aka roddy32), Ray (aka ourstanley), MVP Tom Mercado (aka TeMerc), MVP Harry Waldron and the great updaters at CoU Team!..

Windows 7

Even though I have slow connection… I able to download the beta edition of Windows 7 via Microsoft Connect.  I started downloading in the morning and it finished the next day.  You’ve read that right because my connection here is slow.  Windows 7 is now on my laptop and I installed it as “upgrade” from Vista Ultimate SP1.  Installation was smooth.  The Windows 7 Experience Index Score (WEI) seems higher than Windows Vista.  I like the new icon or logo (whatever that is) of Windows that is moving when I first boot with Windows 7.  I do not like the new taskbar feature (or maybe because I’m not used to it yet).  I like that Sidebar is gone and the gadgets are now integrated to WE.  There are more to say but since this product is still in its BETA stage, everything is not perfect yet (3rd party software compatibility) and there are bugs of course so don’t try it at home if you do not have a proper backup of your current working system.

TA later…

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