Congratulations! You’re now an MCP!

Few weeks ago, I was browsing my unread and marked emails in Outlook.  One of these is an email containing my free Microsoft certification exam code that is going to expire next month, Feb. 28, 2009.  I received this free certification exam code/voucher after completing the Microsoft e-Learning/Academy Course last year.  In addition to the free voucher, I received an MS signed Completion Certificate.  I thought to not to waste the chance so I visited the website to register for an MCP exam.  It did not take long to register and find a Prometric test center that include exam certification by Microsoft.  So I “booked” myself online then scheduled it January 19, 2009, 1:30PM (note: Use an email that is associated to your Windows Live ID, if you will register for an exam).  That exam is done today (my local time and date).

I failed to sleep a night before the exam.  Not that I’m excited about the exam but it’s a problem I have.  I can’t sleep most of the nights and prefer to be online and when I am lucky to sleep at night, that is always called “Best night ever!”.  Too bad, I have unstable connection here to even enjoy being online.  Anyway and back to the topic… I able to sleep at 10AM then get up after an hour.  Took a shower then drive to the test center.  The test center’s staff told me I have 240 minutes to finish the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) exam and if ever I will fail the exam, I must not worry because there is 2nd shot offer (Note: as per MS site, this Second Shot Offer is valid until June 30, 2009, check the page for current information).  I said “OK, thanks!”. He wished me good luck before leaving the test room.

I took the test and after 45 minutes, I’m done.  I saw my score on the screen and it looks like I passed the exam but maybe I’m wrong because I’m not sure if the test center have another exam for me to attend LOL  Anyway, I went out of the test room to look for the staff.  He saw me and I wave at him.  He asked “Are you done?”.  I said “I think so :-)”

He look at the screen and said “Congratulations! You’re now an MCP!, you’re a Microsoft Certified Professional now that you’re done and passed the MCTS exam!”  He then proceed by printing a copy of the said exam result.  Next, he explained what I will expect to receive (an email from Microsoft that has my MCP ID and MCP access code so I can log-in to MCP website and view transcript, request for the MCP Welcome Kit and certificate, access to MCPeStore, I think that’s the same place where MVP got access? –> MVP eCompany Store).  He showed me the way to the other table (where their Microsoft Gold Partner thingy banner is placed in the wall) and he asked me to sit to wait.  I waited for few minutes only then he handed to me the result of the exam.  It says the passing score is 700 and my score is 871.  Not bad score I guess. The paper also include a “performance” bar for each section of the exam and I’m happy that 3 of the sections in the exam has “Strong” skills (full bar) and the other 4 is still considered “strong” skills but not full bar (whatever that means.. I think I know what it is LOL).  That’s something! right? I’m happy to see that none of exam section has “Need development” bar but that does not mean I do not need development and improvement because I did not get a perfect score. 

I’m all smile today as you can imagine.  I am now an MCP and MCTS because I passed the certification exam in 45 minutes! Yay!!  Those who passed exam understands how it feels (whether it’s tough or easy for anyone).

Now I’ll just wait for the email from Microsoft so I can enter the MCP ID and MCP access code in and if given another chance, I’d like to take another exam and that will be the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP). 

If you want to learn more about Microsoft Certifications and what are the benefits, please go to  You’ll find some offers to interested ones  Next, drop by at Training and Certifications forum: for any questions.

Edit to add:  Just received 2 emails from Microsoft Certification Program Team regarding the above and one of the email contains the ID/temporary password to access/activate the benefits at the MCP website.  The other email is a congratulation/welcome email.

2nd edit to add:  I’m not confuse anymore on whether I’m MCTS or MCP or both LOL.  I just finished activating the MCP thingys and found out that I can use both title and I can download the Logo Kits for MCP and MCTS.  Also, the transcript says “MCP” at the upper right-hand side and the background itself has MCP.   Done adding MCP logo in this blog’s sidebar.  I am not sure if I can modify the MCTS logo (need to read the logo usage agreement).  The default size is wide for the sidebar.  Ok, done adding the MCTS logo also after using the MCP Logo Kit builder in MCP website 🙂

If you are in Malaysia and would like to be certified, you can use Certification Promotion Code: MYC7C8D5.  More info in my other blog entry.

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