Dell and Broadcom need to fix this BCM42RLY issue on Vista system

The Vista Event Viewer here is flooded with below error event:

Event ID:  7000

Source:  Service Control Manager Eventlog Provider

Event details:  The BCM42RLY service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.

Dell need to fix the above by ensuring the driver package they provide will install only the required entries for the system.  The BCM42RLY.sys do NOT exist at all that is why Vista log it as it non-existing file.  This BCM42RLY.sys is a driver by Broadcom. 

The temporary work-around that I applied today (to stop that error event in Event Viewer) is:

— Change the “Start” value data from 3 to 4 for BCM42RLY service located in: 

  • HKLMSystemControlSet001ServicesBCM42RLY
  • HKLMSystemControlSet002ServicesBCM42RLY
  • HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesBCM42RLY

The wireless connection is UNAFFECTED after disabling the said service in starting.

Related issue

My few days old Dell XPS 420 got Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN mini-card (dell provided a nice looking antenna, like a coffee coaster LOL) but it had issue:

When I received the desktop, I said “geez, this Wireless 1505 by Dell for the desktop is USELESS because it is taking forever before the wireless connection will connect to my Linksys router, before it will find/identify my network and it often disconnects!”.  The fixed to that is to update the Dell Wireless 1505 driver 🙂

Dell shipped the Dell Wireless 1505 Draft 802.11n WLAN mini-card with a bad driver and the bad version is v4.102.15.61.  Microsoft’s Windows Update do not have any update for it so I went to Dell Downloads website and sure enough, there’s a newer build:  v4.170.25.17 released March 4, 2008.  Note:  Installing the new driver will install the Dell Wireless Card Utility which is not required but handy if you want to use the diagnostic for the said hardware and software.

Anyway, after updating the driver… it’s all sweet.  The wireless network is found, identified easily and the connection with my network is stable (no more disconnection).  The only issue I have now with network connection is the network that is OUT of my control… that is the network service by the ISP.  Slow connection by Streamyx.  I cannot enjoy anymore what I used to enjoy when I was using CTM network 🙁 Sorry for ranting about ISP here.  I’m just NOT thrilled with the connection and I feel like, I’m way behind of things already!

Dell should fix the above things.  Ship your PC with newer and good driver that simply works and then please ask your partner, Broadcom to stop adding BCM42RLY in the registry or services that is non-existent and not necessary.  Not all users are comfortable in editing the registry in Windows no?  Also, the work-around that I applied is temporary fix only. It’s not a permanent fix because that BCM42RLY  is still here but doing the above registry modification will only stop Event Viewer in logging it and also for Windows to try to load/run such not existing driver/file by Dell/Broadcom.

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