I do not need to remove antivirus before upgrading OS

One cool thing that I like now with Norton is I do not need to remove it to upgrade from XP to Vista or Vista to Windows 7 Beta.

The only action I need to do before “upgrading” the OS is disable the malware/spyware/antiphishing protections by Norton then leave the Norton Firewall protection enabled. Next is to restart the system so those loaded protection engines by Norton will not load at all prior.  After the reboot, just upgrade the OS.

I made a mistake on my first try to upgrade Vista SP1 to Windows 7 Beta, I disabled Norton protections but I forgot to reboot (to unload the running services and protection engine of Norton).  Because of that stupid mistake, I end up re-installing Norton while in Windows 7 because its advanced protection (aka early load protection will not remain enabled) once I’m done with the upgrade of the OS.

Anyway, I saw the post of at http://www.engadget.com/2009/01/20/windows-7-install-roundup/ where he needed to uninstall the antivirus before he can proceed in one of this upgrade install of Windows 7 (not sure which Antivirus he is using) so I thought to give the Vista to 7 upgrade another try by again, just disabling protections by Norton>reboot the system>insert the burned Windows 7 Ultimate Beta.

The result is good:  Norton did not report issue when I enabled it again (that is after I finished configuring Windows 7 and after installing the 2 items I need to install – the KB961367 and the pre-WDDM Nvidia driver.

It’s nice to know that Windows users need not to remove antivirus prior upgrading the OS.  Just disable it, restart then proceed the upgrade.  Assuming you want an upgrade and you got a backup OK?  Also, user should confirm this is the ‘way’ from the antivirus company because not all antivirus acts the same on upgrades.  I think I better try popular antivirus software and see if the OS upgrade will kill them or not?

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