Malware writers exploit Google Trends

Malware distributors are taking advantage of Google Trends to earn top billing for their pages, according to security experts. Researchers at McAfee’s Avert Labs said that a number of malicious pages have seen their Trend ranking artificially enhanced so that the pages will be returned as top results for a number of Google searches. McAfee senior threat researcher Craig Schmugar said that the malware writers appear to be using the Google service to find the most popular current search topics, then loading the pages with keywords and text to show up on result pages for those terms Google Trends … Continue reading Malware writers exploit Google Trends

Microsoft Fix It

I’m not online when this Fix It by Microsoft was introduced, please accept my apology if this sounds late 🙂   Have you ever come across a Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article or been presented with a Windows Error Reporting (WER) solution and asked yourself, why can’t Microsoft just fix this for me? Today KB articles and WER solutions provide you with a list of steps that can be followed to resolve your issue. However, tomorrow looks much different and we hope it helps you resolve any issues you have with our products faster and easier. Our team’s purpose is … Continue reading Microsoft Fix It

EULA – Installation rights, Good and Bad EULA

Ever wonder if the paid software that you have or plan to buy can be installed in more than 1 machine? Or do you know a software or service that allows have more than 1 installation rights? Let us know at CoU or check out the current listing of Software or Service that can be use in more than 1 computer after paying 1 license only:   EULA – Installation rights, 1 License for more than 1 PC BTW, I noticed that Yahoo! Messenger have a bad EULA. There’s no “No, I do not accept” button for the EULA. That’s bad. … Continue reading EULA – Installation rights, Good and Bad EULA

Update to Windows Vista Activation Exploit detection begins today

One of our CoU team-member, Hardhead posted an update entry for KB940510 – Update for Windows Vista and the notice about the update is: This update enables Windows Vista to detect activation exploits that bypass product activation and that interfere with usual Windows operation. An activation exploit is a form of software that replaces or modifies authentic Windows components. When activation exploits are present on a system, it indicates that a software or hardware vendor may have tampered with genuine Windows to enable the sale of counterfeit software. Therefore, the security and the privacy of the computer are put at … Continue reading Update to Windows Vista Activation Exploit detection begins today

Microsoft Keeps Custom Support Prices Flat in 2009

Price Change Provides Customers with Cost Savings and Consistent Product Support in Down Economy The global economic downturn has adversely affected businesses in every geography and sector. Microsoft understands that customers have to make difficult fiscal decisions on a daily basis in this turbulent economy. Therefore, in response to the feedback provided by valued customers, Microsoft is announcing flat year-over-year (YOY) pricing for Custom Support in 2009. The Custom Support program provides customers with the opportunity to receive support on legacy versions of some Microsoft products and service packs that have reached the end of support, while they complete their … Continue reading Microsoft Keeps Custom Support Prices Flat in 2009

Adobe Security Bulletins on Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Acrobat Reader and RoboHelp

Adobe released the following Security Advisory and Security Bulletins today: Adobe Security Advisory: – Buffer overflow issue in versions 9.0 and earlier of Adobe Reader and Acrobat A critical vulnerability has been identified in Adobe Reader 9 and Acrobat 9 and earlier versions. This vulnerability would cause the application to crash and could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. There are reports that this issue is being exploited. Adobe is planning to release updates to Adobe Reader and Acrobat to resolve the relevant security issue. Adobe expects to make available an update for Adobe Reader … Continue reading Adobe Security Bulletins on Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Acrobat Reader and RoboHelp

Microsoft released update for Windows Autorun

Microsoft is announcing the availability of an update that corrects a functionality feature that can help customers in keeping their systems protected. The update corrects an issue that prevents the NoDriveTypeAutoRun registry key from functioning as expected. See the advisory at Download the update at

Excel Exploited, Microsoft released security advisory

Symantec reported that they are receiving submissions from their customers that contain suspicious Microsoft Office Excel 2007 spreadsheets and the analysis shows the files is exploiting a vulnerability in Excel.  Microsoft has released Security Advisory 968272 for this incident: Vulnerability in Microsoft Office Excel Could Allow Remote Code Execution: Do not open attachments in email especially if you are not expecting one, make sure your antivirus is capable of scanning email contents, and please use Mailwasher or ePrompter to delete bad emails!

When will Sun Microsystems honor JRE’s users preference?

July 2007 when I posted the issue of Java Control Panel in Vista.  It won’t disable the Update scheduler of Java via Java Control Panel.  The work-around at that time is to launch javacpl.exe as Administrator, change the settings and only then the jusched.exe will go away from startup tab. But when Sun released more builds of their Java, the above work-around to disable jusched.exe is not possible anymore or not effective.  Users have to use msconfig or registry editor in Windows or use another program (e.g. WinPatrol, StartUpLite, Windows Defender etc) to disable the unwanted start-up, jusched.exe. I don’t … Continue reading When will Sun Microsystems honor JRE’s users preference?

I forgot about SMTP of and Gmail!

Few days ago, I blog about Comcast and Verizon blocked the ISP’s IP address here in Malaysia and the solution is to request unblock and to use my own domain’s SMTP server after asking my fellow admin to open the Port 587.  I forgot that Gmail and email services let users use their SMTP servers using Port 587 or 465.  So those users who have Port 25 blocked by your ISP, just use Gmail and’s SMTP servers.  All you need is free email account in Live and Gmail.