Work-around by users on slow startup of IE with immunization

Ever since IE8 was released, users of Spybot-S&D and/or SpywareBlaster programs are seeing slow starting of IE8. MS IE Team confirmed the issue with IE8 and looking for ways to address it. Some users have found a work-around to make IE8 load faster again while IE8 is immunized:

1. By immunizing IE8 while it is open. Two users have done this (see comments by GXJ and JollyMoon in

2. By re-installing Spybot-S&D and/or SpywareBlaster then re-immunized IE8. I’ve tested this method and it works also.

So… for users of Spybot-S&D and/or SpywareBlaster that wish to continue immunizing Internet Explorer v8 but experiencing slow start-up of IE8, you might want to try any of the above method while IE Team and the authors of the said programs is looking ways to address the problem in IE8.

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