Malware SPAM: SVB Bank (HDstream_player10)

There’s a lot of these bad emails today and been deleting some earlier. It keeps coming:

SVB Bank Interactive Windows 2009

Installation for SVB Bank Interactive component.
News page explains how to add the necessary installation components to your application.
Here are some easy tips to get you updated fast:

Proceed to view details:

Sincerely Oscar Hawk.
2009 SVB Financial Group. Customer service department.

At the time of this post, no browser have block it yet.  We need to report and block these links (but if you are not in a test machine, do not even load those pages).

IE’s Information Bar (introduced by MS in XP SP2) will help prevent the download because the bad page, once loaded will try to download the file HDstream_player10.exe

5 malware scanners can detect that bad file.

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