Security Software Vendors attacks Home Users only?

I’m wondering if any SMBs, Corporate and Enterprise customers of the following security software vendors:

  1. Comodo
  2. Symantec
  3. StopZilla
  4. Webroot
  5. BitDefender
  6. ZoneLabs/CheckPoint

have to deal with unwanted, questionable Search Assistant, Ask Toolbar on the above products serve to SMBs, Corporate and Enterprise customers?

Or only Home Users / End-users have to deal with it? If yes, then why Security Software Vendors are only attacking Home Users? Because they are easy target to push what they want?

Again, Does SMBs, Corporate and Enterprise customers have to deal on how home and end-users have to deal with? if no, then why? is it because they will lose these customers (big account handle by their Major Account Executives) for pushing something not necessary on their products/services.

Example of end-users have to deal with and how the method of pushing something to end-users is done by these vendors:

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