’s key areas and what it replaced/rebrand on Microsoft products?

Microsoft revealed the other day that will be available next week (June 3 is the plan date to launch Bing).  If you are wondering what is and what Microsoft products or services is replaced or rebrand by Bing: is a new Decision Engine:  This means you can use to search (like what,, is offering).  The difference is will hopefully provide people a search engine that focuses on the following areas:

  1. Making a purchase decision
  2. Planning a trip
  3. Researching a health condition
  4. Finding a local business

The above four topics is the initial focus by Bing because….. see next topic why those are the initial focus.

Microsoft products or services replaced/rebranded by

  1. Virtual Earth is now rebranded as Bing Maps for Enterprise
  2. The acquired Farecast (also here – Farecast Live) is now part of Bing Travel (Note: Farecast was acquired by Microsoft on April 9, 2008.  See Microsoft’s Acquisition History webpage)
  3. The Cash Back program is now rebranded as Bing Cashback

So that is why the focus of is to help people with their purchase decision (Cashback), travel plans (Farecast), local business finder (Virtual Earth/Bing Maps).  As to “researching health condition” in one of the key areas…. well, since they found out that shopping, travel and business information are the popular areas where people in the business and consumers spend time during a search, they also identified that people research about health so their upcoming decision search engine, will cover that also by providing faster and relevant searches.  They noted the Ipsos 2009 survey results (over thousand of participants only) in identifying the said key areas on what people actually search:

66 percent of people are using Internet search more frequently to make complex decisions,* Microsoft identified three design goals to guide the development of Bing.

Anyway, so the above what I gathered after reading their Press Release on Bing.  If you go that page, you’ll see more links to read about Bing, if you are interested to know what Bing want to serve you but if you like to hear from Bing Team…. head over at their blog.

As to why they choose the name, Bing… I don’t know. They said it’s fresh and new approach but I have a friend name Bing.  She’s very aggressive person.  Let’s see if is going to be aggressive 😀

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