Conficker talk sanitized at Black Hat to protect investigation

The international security team tracking down Conficker thought the masterminds behind it would have been apprehended by now, according to one of the leaders of the effort to stamp out the resilient worm.

But that’s not the way it has worked out, and a talk at Black Hat yesterday had to be scaled back because it contained information about Conficker that might tip investigators’ hand and send the perpetrators further underground, says Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure and a member of the Conficker Working Group. 

When Hypponen submitted the abstract for his Black Hat briefing more than six months ago, he thought he’d be presenting a forensic look at a dead worm and that the team who had written and managed it would be out of action. “I had hoped that by the end of July we would be in a totally different situation, the case would be closed and the group would be in jail,” Hypponen said in an interview after his talk.

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