Installers Hall of Shame – Patchers Demand Security Updates Only

MVP and SBS Diva, Susan Bradley blog about Patchers Demand Security Updates Only at

And you can find what she’s talking about in MVP Steve Wechler’s blog over at MVP Lawrence Abrams (Grinler) website:

Hey, Software "Vendors", Stop installing **** with your security updates !!!

I added the above in CoU discussion about unwanted add-ons

See also the "demand" of many people has at Calendar of Updates forum:

You see vendors…. people don’t like add-ons on any products especially when you are releasing updates.  People do not like any toolbar or any software that is THIRD PARTY and has nothing to do with the software that the people has downloaded.  People needs a CLEAN installer.  Not another toolbar, add-on that you gain $$ for bundling it in. 

And note also to vendors who have third party service or software on their installer but do not have EULA about that third party….  Your product should not be supported if you are trying to hide or do not show proper disclosure via EULA of the one you bundled.  Example:  Comodo Internet Security do not have EULA of HopSurf during the installation, RegRun Reanimator by Greatis do not have EULA during the install of the product and the EULA of it is hidden in Help file which is not for RegRun Reanimator but for Regrun Security Suite.  Please……… present your installer as CLEAN with proper and clear disclosure.

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