New version of Ad-Aware on August 25

We’ve been updating you from time to time with bits of news about our upcoming new version of Ad-Aware. Now that the Ad-Aware launch is only weeks away, we would like to take a minute to make sure that you’re all aware of the upcoming launch – August 25, 2009 – and the added security it will bring.–-august-25-2009

What’s New?

  • The Neutralizer -Lavasoft’s new advanced removal tool combats malware that attempts to restore itself even after rebooting your system.
  • Genotype Detection Technology – Based on heuristics, the new Genotype technology allows Ad-Aware to stay one step ahead of today’s ever-evolving threats, as well as threats that have not yet been created.
  • Rootkit Removal System – Improved anti-rootkit technology to uncover and remove even the most complex monitoring tools, detecting both user-mode and kernel-mode attack techniques.
  • Simple Mode/Advanced Mode – We know that not all users have the same needs, so we give you the power to decide how you want to interact with Ad-Aware. Simple Mode is designed to make using the program as easy as possible, whereas Advanced Mode will let you customize all the settings as you choose.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode – Stay protected while enjoying games or movies online – without the irritating interruptions or strain on system resources that other security software programs cause.
  • Community-driven translations – The new XML-based language format of the user interface allows you to edit and upload translated text for others to use.
  • Community-driven, custom skins – Make Ad-Aware your own by choosing the look of the interface that best fits you – or by designing your own custom Ad-Aware skin. Stay tuned for news on the skin design contest (the winner will have his or her design packaged and distributed with the new release!)

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