Reminder: Update for Windows Update Agent beginning August 2009 and etc…

Just a reminder to everyone using Windows 🙂

There will be update to Windows Update announced by WU Team few weeks ago. I alraedy blog this on the 10th of July and people who visits Calendar of Updates is reminded every week so they’ll get manually or automatic.

So….. July is finished at my end because it’s now August 1 here.  Sun Microsystem, Microsoft and Adobe gave us some patches that I hope everybody that is using the affected software/version has patched. Then there’s iPhone patch for Apple iPhone users.

There’s lots of new security issues that was revealed or demo’ed during Black Hat 2009.  It’s just amazing how these researchers are finding what vendors failed to find.  Hats off to you guys and to the vendors who acted soon and will act on the reported issues on their services or software. 

Any changes? Nothing….There is still no single weapon for malware and there’s still no 100% secure browser or system on earth. Be careful all the time, folks!

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