New Version of Download Manager for Adobe Reader Available

A new version of the download manager for Adobe Reader is live. This new version resolves the Moderate local privilege escalation issue discussed in an Adobe PSIRT blog post on July 22.

No action is required for users downloading Adobe Reader from Users who previously downloaded Adobe Reader for Windows from can verify they are not vulnerable to this download manager issue by checking the following:

Ensure that the C:Program FilesNOS folder and its contents are not present on your system.
Click "Start" > "Run" and type "services.msc". Ensure that "getPlus(R) Helper" from the list of services.

If the NOS files are found, the download manager issue can be mitigated by:
Deleting the C:Program FilesNOS folder and its contents
Click "Start" > "Run" and type "services.msc". Delete "getPlus(R) Helper" from the list of services

More info in

Note:  The version of Adobe_Updater.exe on my system is v6.2.0.1474.  It’s located in C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeUpdater6
Running the updater via Adobe Reader did not detect a new version and I do not have the said folder and services.  Please ensure to check your installations.

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