Worm Attacks Reddit

The rash of attacks on social networking sites is continuing, this time in the form of a cross-site scripting worm that is currently plaguing Reddit, the popular social bookmarking portal. The Reddit attack is interesting in that it requires a minimum of user interaction in order to spread.

The attack looks to be part of a spam campaign that was designed to submit a certain comment over and over again. Any user who copied a certain chunk of JavaScript code into the address bar of his browser would then find that he would automatically reply to all of the comments on a given page. A Reddit user then took this code and combined it with some other JavaScript code that had the effect of executing as soon as a user hovered his mouse over a specially designed link.

The result is the self-replicating worm that is causing serious issues on Reddit today. Many users have found themselves victimized by the attack, which, with its spam component, could damage users’ repuations on the service. Reddit, like many similar services, relies on user input to rate and recommend various pieces of content.


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