Several Compromised Thai Sites Serve Malware;Fake Windows Live Malware Spreads via Email

Trend Micro researchers discovered another wave of mass compromised websites involving several Thai government agencies’ sites. One of the compromised sites, the Thai Police site, was injected with malicious codes to redirect users to several malicious sites. One of the landing pages, http://{BLOCKED} served a downloader detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_DLOADER.DNG. This Trojan downloader is responsible for downloading several malware (detected as TROJ_FAKEREAN.BW, TROJ_CUTWAIL.GQ, and TSPY_ZBOT.ACH).

Fake Windows Live Malware Spreads via Email

Trend Micro threat analysts recently snagged an email pushing a bogus Windows Live Messenger residing in http://{BLOCKED} (detected as WORM_VB.PAB). The .EXE file is, of course, not the “real” Windows Live Messenger but a bot that reports to an IRC-based C&C

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