Nvidia’s bastille stormed by hackers

Nvidia refusal to let its users do what they like with the cards they have bought has sparked a backlash amongst hackers.

The Green Goblin miffed punters when it decided to block a feature on its cards to allow its card to be used for PhysX functions while a rival ATI card is present for graphics rendering.  With the release of a new batch of drivers, Nvidia stopped any non-Nvidia GPU present in the system from working.

Its latest version of PhysX System Software also prevents physics processing unit (PPU) cards from working if a Non-Nvidia GPU is present.  The Green Goblin insists that it is not going against the open software philosophy of Physx with its antics.  It says that any company can freely develop hardware or software that supports it. It is just that it is not going to be caught dead encouraging people to install a chip that is not blessed by Nvidia in their machines.

That appears to be what a hacker who goes by the handle of GenL has done. He has written an experimental beta patch that intercepts Nvidia’s disable-PhysX-if-Radeon-is-present code.


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