You think bundled add-ons in installer is safe? Not

Some people think that there’s no harm installing software with add-on because you can simply uncheck it from the installation wizard.  True that un-checking to install the third-party and unnecessary add-on is easy to do but remember that there are hundreds or thousands of end-users is impacted because some of them "trust" and "not reading closely" what they will click.  Anyway, here’s a good example of third party add-on detected by Microsoft Security Essentials as threat.  Threat level is "severe"


Posted too in CoU’s Installers Hall of Shame thread.

Imagine if other anti-malware is not detecting such risk that is detected by 5 malware scanners? There are many people will have their privacy at risk! So be very careful when installing or updating a software.  Uncheck the unwanted add-on or better…. get alternative that have clean installer.

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