Tech Know: How to hack a handset

The recipe is simple.

Take as many mobile phone developers, hackers and builders that you can find; put them in The Great Hall at Imperial College; add a liberal helping of heavyweight companies talking about new tools, developer aids and techniques to program mobile phones during the day; then challenge them to come up with "something new".

Leave this to simmer as hackers work through the night and have everyone present their new programs to the rest of the conference the next day.

That sums up the Over the Air hackathon. Now in its second year of bringing together the UK’s mobile developer community, it continues to have a huge impact on those who get involved with the overnight competition.

One of the groups involved in the hacking challenge was from mobile developer Future Platforms. Last year it walked away with the Best Overall Prototype for a multi-limbed robot called Octobastard. This year it wanted to produce something beautiful as well as clever. The result was Project Bluebell.

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