What does your online reputation say about you?

A few weeks ago we told you about Microsoft’s involvement in Data Privacy Day. The day has arrived, but if you’re not going to be in Washington D.C. to join in the event, you can download research or watch a video about online reputations and how employers are increasingly mining the Internet as part of the formal hiring process. For more information, see Think Privacy: Your Reputation is ON the LINE. http://blogs.msdn.com/securitytipstalk/archive/2010/01/28/what-does-your-online-reputation-say-about-you.aspx

Apple iPhone App Security in Spotlight at Black Hat

At the Black Hat DC security conference next week, software engineer Nicolas Seriot is putting the spotlight on security and privacy issues involving third-party applications developed for the iPhone. A software engineer is highlighting the challenges facing mobile app stores in an upcoming presentation at Black Hat DC. In his presentation Feb. 3, software engineer Nicolas Seriot will train his eyes on applications for the Apple iPhone, and how Apple’s guarantees of privacy and applications can fall short of their App store’s virtual door. "In late 2009, I was involved in discussions with the Swiss private banking industry regarding the … Continue reading Apple iPhone App Security in Spotlight at Black Hat

Last-minute objections filed to Google book settlement

Critics of the revised legal settlement with US authors and publishers that would allow Google to scan and sell millions of books online filed a flurry of last-minute objections on Thursday. Judge Denny Chin is to hold a hearing on February 18 on Google’s vast digital book project and the deadline for filing briefs in the case was Thursday. Among those submitting objections were online retail giant Amazon, Consumer Watchdog, half-a-dozen French publishing houses, fantasy fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin, the Open Book Alliance and others. Amazon, which makes the popular Kindle electronic book reader and runs a digital … Continue reading Last-minute objections filed to Google book settlement

Phishing scam targets users of Adobe PDF Reader

A new phishing scam is trying to fool people into thinking it comes from Adobe, announcing a new version of PDF Reader/Writer. The message is making its way into e-mail boxes today, and the real Adobe urged any recipients to simply delete it. The phishing scam has a subject line "download and upgrade Adobe PDF Reader – Writer for Windows," includes a fake version of Adobe’s logo and provides links that would lead to malicious code or other trouble if a victim clicked on them. The e-mail appears to come from Adobe newsletter@pdf-adobe.org, which is part of the scam. "It … Continue reading Phishing scam targets users of Adobe PDF Reader

Top US lawmakers demand hacker probe

Top US lawmakers late Thursday demanded a full investigation into how hackers were able to break into and "deface" the official Internet sites of 49 members of the US House of Representatives. The unknown culprits posted a mocking, obscenity-laced screed against President Barack Obama after he delivered his prime-time State of the Union address on Wednesday. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner wrote to the chief administrative officer of the House of Representatives, Daniel Beard, to request a full investigation. "We request that you initiate an immediate and comprehensive assessment of how hackers were … Continue reading Top US lawmakers demand hacker probe

Is Security the Next Cloud Computing Play?

There are many ways to skin a cat. Symantec is getting its kicks from consumer sales while the enterprise market takes a breather. Next up: cloud computing solutions for security and storage. […] The consumer segment was both the biggest and the best-performing division for Symantec. Whether this is a general industry trend or a situation unique to Symantec will remain a mystery until McAfee reports earnings on Feb. 11, but you could look at recent reports from enterprise IT providers like Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) and infer that business-class software buyers may taking a longer lunch … Continue reading Is Security the Next Cloud Computing Play?

Expert sees security issues with the iPad

Apple’s new iPad device looks like it will have some of the same security issues that affect the iPhone, such as weak encryption, a mobile security expert said on Thursday. For one, if the iPad employs encryption the same way the iPhone does, sensitive personal data, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses, could be retrieved and viewed, says Daniel Hoffman, chief technology officer at SMobile Systems, which sells mobile security software. "The problem with the iPhone security encryption is it is fundamentally worthless," he said. "It can be easily bypassed." Hoffman not alone in making that assessment. Secondly, if iPad … Continue reading Expert sees security issues with the iPad

Wyoming campaign cuts volunteer behind Web trick

A Wyoming gubernatorial candidate has cut ties with a volunteer who used a bit of online trickery to misdirect people trying to visit her opponent’s Web site. Republican candidate Rita Meyer said she had been unaware of Paul Montoya’s decision to register a Web address very similar to rival Republican candidate Matt Mead’s Web site. The trick, which followed a similar campaign prank in California, temporarily resulted in visitors to mattmeadforgovernor.com being directed to Meyer’s Web site. As of Wednesday, the address had been switched to link to Mead’s site, meadforgovernor.com. "Technology’s good, but (Montoya) absolutely used it for the … Continue reading Wyoming campaign cuts volunteer behind Web trick

Symantec slaps Trojan alert against Spotify

Scanner turns song software slayer Symantec has apologised over a cock-up that resulted in the incorrect classification of streaming music service Spotify as a Trojan on Thursday. A misfiring anti-virus definition update caused Symantec’s Norton security software to wrongly classified Spotify program files as malign and shuffled them off into quarantine. Symantec responded quickly to the problem by issuing a fix that quashed the false alarm. Even after they update their security software, Symantec users may still have to reinstall Spotify in order to listen to the service again. Spotify’s take on the mix-up can be found here. Symantec’s mea … Continue reading Symantec slaps Trojan alert against Spotify

Startpage launches anonymous Web search service

Search-engine company Startpage launched a service allowing users concerned about privacy to carry out Web searches and click on linked pages without being identified, tracked or recorded. Unlike mainstream search engines that gather commercially valuable information about user behavior, privately held Startpage (www.startpage.com) has focused on privacy since 2005. Startpage — also known as Ixquick outside the United States and Britain — had already offered private searching, but users would leave the company’s protection when they clicked on a search result and entered a third-party website. The new service offers use of a Startpage proxy that means the user is … Continue reading Startpage launches anonymous Web search service