O2 says net piracy letters ‘bully’ web users;Mobile network slams tactics used by law firm

O2 has slammed a UK law firm for issuing letters to web users suspected of illegal file-sharing, saying they "bully or threaten" consumers. In January, it was revealed that ACS:Law had issued letters to around 150 Brits, claiming they had illegally downloaded content from the web. ACS:Law said it was acting on behalf of DigiProtect, an anti-piracy firm that represents a number of copyright holders, and the recipient was required to pay a £500 fine and sign a legal undertaking agreeing not to illegally file-share in the future. O2 said it was "legally obliged" to provide the law firm with … Continue reading O2 says net piracy letters ‘bully’ web users;Mobile network slams tactics used by law firm

Viacom Makes Its Case Against Yesterday’s YouTube

Today, after three years of litigation, the Viacom v. YouTube combatants finally publicly released their briefs (Viacom’s; YouTube’s; Class Action Plaintiffs’) in what most expect to be the main event in the case, namely, cross-motions for summary judgment (for the non-lawyers: a summary judgment motion asks the court to rule that the case is such a slam dunk in your favor that no trial is necessary). One surprise from Viacom is a concession that it basically has no beef with YouTube as it has been run since May 2008: "[W]e do not ask the Court to address potential liability for … Continue reading Viacom Makes Its Case Against Yesterday’s YouTube

Look out for these 4 Census scams

The 2010 U.S. Census survey will be mailed to all U.S. residents in mid-March, opening the door to con artists who will use the program as an opportunity to swindle people out of their money and their identity. The U.S. Better Business Bureau, in Arlington, Va., warns consumers to be on guard for online and in-person Census fraudsters in the coming months, says spokeswoman Alison Southwick. The Census questionnaire asks 10 questions, none involving personal financial information such as bank account or credit card numbers or your Social Security number. "We are warning people to beware of phishing e-mails that … Continue reading Look out for these 4 Census scams

Police want tighter domain registration rules

ICANN pushed to keep better details of domain owners Law enforcement officials in the UK and US are pushing the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to put in place measures that would help reduce abuse of the domain name system. Now it is "ridiculously easy" to register a domain name under false details, said Paul Hoare, senior manager and head of e-crime operations for the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). Domain names can be used for all kinds of criminal activity, ranging from phishing to trademark abuse to facilitating botnets. Law enforcement often run into difficulty when … Continue reading Police want tighter domain registration rules

Shopping website hacked with malware

Online bargain hunters had their shopping expeditions disrupted when Google discovered malware or malicious software hidden on a major Australian retail website. Visitors to DealsDirect.com.au using Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers on Friday received warnings the site could harm computers due to a malware hosting threat. The site sells household goods, furniture and electronics. DealsDirect spokeswoman Elisha Booth told Fairfax the malicious code had been removed and people were able to return to safe online shopping on Friday afternoon. http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/shopping-website-hacked-with-malware-20100319-qlh3.html

IE8, iPhone will fall first day of hacking contest, predicts organizer

Pwn2Own sponsor bets researchers will hack Windows 7, Microsoft’s browser, Apple’s phone Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, not Apple’s Safari, will be the first browser to fall in next week’s Pwn2Own hacking challenge, the contest organizer said today. Aaron Portnoy, security research team lead with 3Com TippingPoint, the sponsor of Pwn2Own, also predicted that Apple’s iPhone will be the only smartphone hacked during the contest, which starts March 24. Portnoy, who organized the fourth annual Pwn2Own, changed his predictions from earlier bets he made a month ago because of new information he received from researchers who have registered for the contest. … Continue reading IE8, iPhone will fall first day of hacking contest, predicts organizer

Wow! Windows XP Mode now accessible to more PCs but you need WAT.

From Windows 7 Team Blog: We’re announcing an update to Windows XP Mode today that will make it a more accessible to PCs in small and midsize businesses who want to migrate to Windows 7 Professional but have applications that still require Windows XP. Windows XP Mode will no longer require hardware virtualization technology to run. This change makes it extremely easy for businesses to use Windows XP Mode to address any application incompatibility roadblocks they might have in migrating to Windows 7. Windows XP Mode will of course continue to use hardware virtualization technology such as Intel VT (Intel … Continue reading Wow! Windows XP Mode now accessible to more PCs but you need WAT.

Jericho Forum Offers Free Security Product Assessment Tool

‘Nasty questions’ to ask your security vendors International cloud security group Jericho Forum has created a free self-assessment tool for security vendors and buyers to determine the security of their products — namely in cloud-based environments. The Jericho Forum’s Self-Assessment Scheme is for security vendors that want to check whether their products are cloud-ready, and for prospective buyers who want to vet those products. The tool is based on the forum’s 11 commandments for security, which are basically a checklist that can be used in RFPs. It asks direct questions intended to expose security flaws or potential loopholes in products, … Continue reading Jericho Forum Offers Free Security Product Assessment Tool

New Free Service Filters Twitter Spam

Spamdetector sniffs out spammer accounts, which Twitter then deletes Researchers recently launched a free spam-filtering service for Twitter that flags offenders for the microblogging service, which, in turn, removes the offending accounts. The Spamdetector service crawls Twitter, using heuristics to detect spam accounts. Gianluca Stringhini, the researcher heading up the service, says the tool has a low false-positive rate. "Around a year ago, we started observing these [social] networks, looking for malicious traffic…spammers show a very different behavior compared to real users, and therefore we were able to build a system that can detect them in a reliable way," says … Continue reading New Free Service Filters Twitter Spam

Mac OS X: "safer, but less secure"

Security expert Charlie Miller intends to disclose a potentially record-breaking 20 zero day security holes in Apple’s Mac OS X in one fell swoop. The details are to be revealed in his presentation at the Canadian CanSecWest security conference next week. Miller, who is already known for having discovered a number of bugs in Mac OS X, talked with heise Security, The H’s German associates, about his new findings and about the security of Apple’s operating system beforehand. The approximately 20 zero-day holes are contained in closed source Apple products, said Miller. "OS X has a large attack surface consisting … Continue reading Mac OS X: "safer, but less secure"