Graham Cluley: “Serial killer Fred West has created a Facebook Fan Page for me – should I be worried?”

From Graham Cluley’s Blog:

Two years ago I wrote about how someone had taken my photograph and posted offensive material on Facebook about a number of things including the British Army.

As a consequence some people believed I was to blame, and as well as my workplace receiving emails about me, it was implied that I was a paedophile, people threatened to burn down my house, and someone even issued a death threat against my wife.

You can read the gory details elsewhere on my blog, but what’s new is that now someone has created a Fan Page on Facebook for me without my permission.

The person who I believe has broken the rules of Facebook to create this page is pretending to be the infamous (and now dead) British serial killer Fred West.[…]

Publicly-available photographs of me are being uploaded to the fan page with amusing captions (possibly with the intention of making the Graham Cluley Facebook page look more authentic), as well as images of a woman in her underwear and characters from Star Wars with their heads replaced with those of Fred West and his equally murderous wife Rosemary. […]

I reported the Fan Page to Facebook two weeks ago using the same standard procedure that any other user of the social network would follow. The Graham Cluley fan page is still up there at the time of writing.

So, what do I think Facebook should do about the problem of unauthorised fan pages?

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