Installed Update v9.33 for Adobe Reader. No Reboot for me but the patch is not complete?

On my desktop which is a dual-boot of Vista and 7, I downloaded and installed Adobe Reader v9.33 from  No reboot is required after the install.  On the laptop, I decided to try installing v9.33 using Adobe Updater which notified me that an update is available:


I let it patch and there’s no reboot required as well after the install:


But here’s the issue, a blog post that says its an incomplete fix or patch (Thanks to fellow CNET mod, Carol) because with the v9.33, an execution can still occur.  Someone (not sure if the comment is his own or as Google rep and no, I don’t follow any Twitter account, it was mentioned in another area where I don’t have to have Twitter/FB account) says Microsoft should learn from Adobe Security in patching.  I want to say "No one is perfect but such happens.. patch being patched or fix again and if Adobe will issue a fix again, they still need to learn from MS? They actually imitates how the patches of Adobe is released which is good but still, Adobe learned from MS on how to release patches to help the ITs in scheduling the patches to their 100s, if not 1000s of computers"

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