Black Hat gets its video feed hacked

A security expert found a way to catch the talks at Black Hat for free, thanks to bugs in the video streaming service used by the security conference.

Michael Coates, the head of Web security for Mozilla, said he discovered several problems while trying to sign up for the US$395 service. As he went through the sign-up procedure, he was "quickly sidetracked by a few oddities in the design," he wrote in a blog post describing the incident.

He poked around a bit more and discovered that he could register an account without providing anything more than an e-mail address, and then use that account on a test login page to access the videos for free.

"Now, to be fair, Black Hat didn’t operate this video service themselves," Coates wrote. "But its still a bit ironic that the largest hacking conference in the world has this security hole in their video streaming service."

Black Hat’s video streaming was provided by Inxpo this year.


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