QuickTime Player Allows Movie Files to Trigger Malware Download

Quicktime Player (version 7.6.6) allows movie files to trigger download of files, and cybercriminals are using this to download malware from malicious websites.

Trend Micro Threat Research Engineer Benson Sy encountered two .MOV files (001 Dvdrip Salt.mov, salt dvdrpi [btjunkie][xtrancex].mov) that both used the recent movie, Salt of Angelina Jolie. It looks suspicious enough because of its relatively small size compared to regular movie files.

When the movie files are loaded to Quicktime player, it doesn’t show any live action scenes but leads users to download malware pretending to be either an update codec or another player installation. It is still under investigation whether the malware is using vulnerability or a known functionality to download the malware.

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