Farmville Will Get You in Trouble with IT Police

Farmville is arguably the biggest social game the world has seen. Well, maybe that’s a bit much, but it is a popular game. It so popular in fact, that many people will play it at work. However, doing so might get you into trouble with the IT police.

According to a security report by Cisco, employees are breaking company policies by playing social networking games, and, by doing so, could be opening up networks to outside attacks.

Cisco’s 2010 Midyear Report found that 7-percent of those who admitted to using Facebook at work also fessed up to spending an average of 68 minutes each day playing ‘FarmVille.’

FarmVille isn’t the only game Facebookers play, as they are also sucked up into playing ‘Mafia Wars’ (5-percent for 52 minutes each day) and ‘Cafe World’ (4-percent for 36 minutes each day).


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