ioSafe revealed another clue for upcoming ioSafe device.

And there is this.. blinking blue thingy which is so cool because it seems a bluetooth-enabled device or it is only the signal that the device is on.  Anyway, head over at and start commenting even if you work as miner! 😀

ioSafe will show another cool gadget on CES 2011!

ioSafe, the maker of fireproof and waterproof hard-drives is going to unveil another gadget.  They are asking people to guess what it will be.  A clue was posted in the company’s blog. My guess is it’s a 3.0 USB external hard-drive! FP and WF also, but I’m not sure.  I guess.. that’s how guessing game/contest works.  Good luck to all and Congrats to ioSafe for the upcoming product!