I know…

I know that I have not enter any blog entry here for few months already.  I can explain but most stuff is due to personal and work related.  Been writing still at Bright Hub, I moved home and you know, attending on the new home.  I call it home because it feels like home (I say feels like home only because there’s a bit of issue that is coming again.. see below).  Also attending on small business that I need to face full time now (at least, after doing what I got to do at home and writing).  BTW, check out the newest review I submitted — Diskeeper 2011 review :p

I know that I have not release an update to IP blocklist for Outpost, Online Armor, Kaspersky and IE programs but it’s still here on my to do list.  Sorry Embarrassed smileabout the long delay but I’ll be on it by April and will make sure that it’ll be updated once a month from now on.

I know I have not been in forums but my you are all always on my mind.  I’ll be there to apologize of course and interact with you again.  I just don’t want to promise anymore on when…because it will only disappoint some friends and I don’t want to disappoint them again and again.

I know that Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has been released but I have not install it because there’s no time yet.  I’m not afraid to try installing Windows 7 SP1 since I have backup of entire drives, just in case anything goes south, north, east or west.  It’s not offered to me anyway since I have not install many other updates for Windows especially the pre-requisite.  When to install Windows 7 SP1? This weekend, I think.

I know Comodo certificates have issue again.  All I want to say is "why there’s no major account executive that only handles major and critical accounts?" Steaming madGeez.. I thought most company knows how to handle major accounts and not simply allowing anyone or third-party to handle important domains/accounts that can put millions of users’ data AT RISK.  Yeah, they revoked it soon but that’s not the question here but the one I already asked.  Even security experts question the way they allow affiliates or resellers to issue cert.  Nice story here about another Comodo fraudulent certs again.

This one.. I don’t know when but it seem… going to happen:  moving to South Korea or the Philippines.  Whatever…. I’m just tired of moving.Steaming mad

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