Goodbye Mr. Steve Jobs

Even though I don’t have an Apple product (except installing Safari browser when I need to write or test something about it in a Windows computer.  Some family members are using iPad or iPhone and I find it as cool gadgets but don’t need or requite it right now), I’m sad to hear that Mr. Steve Jobs passed away that soon.  I mean, not only he was only 56 years old but he bid his goodbye as CEO only in August 24, 2011.  That’s only a month and 11 days ago 🙁

This post is to remember you, Mr. Jobs and to thank you for contributing to the world — some great and cool gadgets — that my family members are happy (also they loved it) using.  Even a 3 year old boy in the family loves your iPad.  He just can’t stop playing games, non-stop viewing his birthday photos/videos and also sketching anything after school or dinner (he is not allowed to use the iPad until he finished his dinner!).

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