Think you know your stuff? Try a quiz!

Bright Hub have lots of new quizzes to test your knowledge.  Check out some of the quizzes 🙂

Example quizzes in Bright Hub:

Computer Security

  • Do You Know Computer Viruses?
  • How Safe Is Your Wi-Fi Connection?
  • How Secure is Your Computer?
  • Test Your Computer Security Skills With the Malware Open Challenge


  • A Quiz for Microsoft Word Professionals
  • Are You a Windows Expert? See How Much You Know
  • Are You an MS Office Expert? Test Your Knowledge
  • Think You Know Your Windows Computer?
  • New to Microsoft Word? Find Out How Much You Know!
  • So You Think You Can Use Microsoft Excel? A General Knowledge Quiz
  • Test Your Microsoft History Knowledge


  • Are You Up to Speed in Lion?
  • Test Your Knowledge of Apple History
  • Steve Jobs Said What?
  • Take the Mac Challenge: How Much Do You Know?
  • Test Your Computer Chops with Our Macintosh Guru Quiz
  • Test Your Steve Jobs Fandom: A Quiz


  • Think you Know your iPhone? Take our iPhone quiz & find out
  • iPhone Games Quiz
  • There’s an App For That
  • Apple and the iPhone

Good luck or shall I say, hope you’ll get perfect score!

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