When will software developers stop offering unnecessary software on software updates?

A friend of mine asked if he should also install Google Chrome when updating DivX Plus Player.  I told him "no, it’s not necessary. Uncheck all boxes for Chrome installation and other modification on the browser by Chrome".  I told him also to always do this action to other software updater or installer that will try to install a program that he don’t want or require.

Since I have a DivX Plus Player that I haven’t update myself (because I disabled automatic checking of DivX updates) and yup, there was an update:.  It is v8.1.3:divx

When I clicked "Next" button, I’m offered Google Chrome browser, as well.



Just uncheck those guys, unless you want to have Google Chrome, but I doubt you do because if you want it, you know where and how to get it yourself (by visiting Google Chrome website).  It’s so sad that some software developers are doing the above "update practices".  It’s just an UPDATE but there you are… offering another program that is not necessary to update a program.

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