Vista got me!

I have something to reveal… I can’t blog much or visit forums (I vist my baby CoU though but I’m not also posting much) because something … got me busy online (not offline).  It’s Vista Ultimate. Blame Vista because I’m spending so much time using it! There are many things about Vista that really makes me busy.  It has the application that I need and want.  To be honest, I haven’t install much stuff in Vista like I used in Windows XP.  Reason is not because of compatibility issue but because most of the stuff I need in my daily computing is … Continue reading Vista got me!

Avoiding and Removing Rogue Programs? Here’s how

If you frequently visit security discussion boards, you are sure familiar with Eric L. Howes’ – Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites. We visit that webpage to keep ourself familiar or be aware on antispyware products that might give us more problem than a fix or protection. Eric is also listing the domain names of the offending antispyware programs. In Calendar of Updates, we try to keep everyone inform by posting additions and delisted (if any) programs. Example: see the calendar entry few weeks ago. Visiting the above webpage of Eric L. Howes will help to avoid installing a deceitful program or a suspect … Continue reading Avoiding and Removing Rogue Programs? Here’s how

Vista on Dell XPS M1210; Vista & Dell MediaDirect; Incompatible software

Another thing that made me excited to install Vista on my Dell notebook is to find out whether the cool functions of the Dell notebook will work. The cool functions in Dell’s new notebooks is the Dell MediaDirect button and the camera button (if the user opted for a built-n webcam and microphone).Will Dell MediaDirect button will still work if Vista is installed? Will the camera button will work if Vista is installed? More details at my other blog page (Note, there’s no news there, just some pointers from me on computers, Windows and others) [:)]

OK I did a Freeware Antivirus Detection Tests

AOL is now providing freeware antivirus (with real-time protection), powered by Kaspersky.  There is some concerns on AOL’s End-User License Agreement in which some users decided not to give the said antivirus a try.  AOL will revised the EULA to address the issue.  I’m happy to know that some ISP are now providing free security tool to their customers and to non-customers.  Example:  Comcast is providing free McAfee to their subscribers.  Let’s hope that AOL will fully address the EULA issue so users will enjoy the protection from malware with the help of Kaspersky Labs.  There are freeware antivirus programs … Continue reading OK I did a Freeware Antivirus Detection Tests

Calendar of Updates moved

Hi All, I thought I mention this here.  Some of you are aware that I have a community site called Calendar of Updates (a place where you can track and post security updates and it is displayed in calendar format).  We moved from hosting to some kind of server plan – it is known as Virtual Private Server.  The moved was done last week but only today the DNS is pointed to the new place so for those who may noticed some issue, please don’t worry.  There’s nothing wrong… it’s part of the upgrade of board software and the move to a … Continue reading Calendar of Updates moved

Simon Scatt

Alex and other blogs are being hit by Simon Scatt. That spammer is also hitting me here at Good thing this blog is in “moderation” state.  It’s a task for me to moderate but if that will block spammers in hitting search engines and/or annoying subscribers .. I’ll continue moderating. 

The old, vulnerable and unsupported applications is the biggest threat

One of the defense in keeping the computer and data secure is to run an up-to-date system and applications. A security-conscious user understands the importance of using the latest and supported version because it is not just a defense but the first line of defense. Even security vendors recommend patching the system and using the latest available version to help protect the system from: exploits any types of malware identity theft and data loss other potential risks However, there are vendors that offer download for old and unfixed version of their products and this is something to be concern of. … Continue reading The old, vulnerable and unsupported applications is the biggest threat

Dell system and crapware?

One of my co-admin at Calendar of Updates came across to a new Dell computer and he was amazed on pre-installed junks.  He found a utility that will help users to clean the unwanted applications in Dell computer in few minutes.  See his post here. I know that many Dell users are seeing unwanted software (others call it as junks, crapware, trialware) but I’m happy to say that my new Dell notebook (duo core) don’t have so much junks, crap or trialware by default.  Why? I have no idea.  Maybe because I didn’t purchase the Dell computer in America?  Seriously, the … Continue reading Dell system and crapware?

LANDesk isn’t active member of ASC anymore

Looking at the list of Anti-Spyware Coalition members.. one is missing or gone from the list.  It’s LANDesk. I remember LANDesk joined them last year (between August to September).  Don’t know why they aren’t member of the coalition anymore. Their newsletter don’t have news about them being de-listed but From the desk of Joe Wang published February 2006 , it says LANDesk is an active member of coaliation.  So what happened? Just asking…