.NET Rocks! – Showdown! Mary Jo Foley vs. Darryl Taft

Noted journalists Mary Jo Foley and Darryl K. Taft, on loan from eWEEK Magazine, are in the studio for a head-to-head discussion around topical issues concerning Microsoft. The gloves come off and they don’t stop until there’s carnage on the floor! OK, it’s not that ugly, but you won’t want to miss it.   View the presentation using Windows Media Player program.  Download it the presentation from Microsoft Download Center

Windows Principles – Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition

Microsoft Corp. recognizes the important role its Windows desktop operating system products play in the information economy and the responsibilities that come with that role. To promote competitive opportunities and otherwise enhance the appeal of Windows to developers and users, Microsoft is committed to running its Windows business in accordance with the following principles that address computer manufacturer and user choice, opportunities for developers, and interoperability for users. These principles will apply to Windows desktop development projects going forward. View the principles at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/newsroom/winxp/windowsprinciples.mspx

Free SUPERAntiSpyware Pro for Calendar of Updates members

Calendar of Upates has received some free licenses for SUPERAntiSpyware Professional.  Go and get it before the supply last!  You must be a member in CoU to enjoy the free registration. SUPERAntiSpyware is from superantispyware.com.  They offer 2 flavors of the product, a freeware version and the Professional version.  The freeware version will detect and remove known spyware in its database.  The Professional version will also detect and remove known spyware in its database with additional features and functions such as: Automatic updates Scheduled scan Real-time Blocking First Chance Prevention Registry Protection More at their website Note that, there’s no antispyware program … Continue reading Free SUPERAntiSpyware Pro for Calendar of Updates members

Test your Pop-up blocker

Kephyr.com offer an online pop-up killer test at http://www.kephyr.com/popupkillertest/index.html Webroot has one too: http://www.webroot.com/services/popuptester1.htm

Dell got a blog

It’s at http://one2one.dell.com/ “Part of Dell’s attempt to burnish its tarnished image“ Dell:  Real People are Here and We’re Listening via Sunbelt Blog  

Want to download Blacklight from F-Secure but it’s gone.

The page for F-Secure Blacklight is gone or not available.  I wanted a friend to download it but she said it’s not there. http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/http://www.europe.f-secure.com/exclude/blacklight/index.shtml I email F-Secure and they are aware now and checking it with their webmaster.  For now, I think we’ll get it from alternative sites like Majorgeeks.com.  Thanks Majorgeeks for being there! Posted too at Calendar of Updates Update:  The page is finally back: http://www.f-secure.com/blacklight/ redirected to https://europe.f-secure.com/blacklight/.