Security experts blast New Jersey AG

Security experts are saying that a well-intentioned effort by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General to combat phishing may backfire. Earlier this week, State Attorney General Anne Milgram called on four banks — Bank of America, Citibank, Washington Mutual, and New Jersey-based Sun National Bank — to provide her with details on how they respond to phishing incidents.

Content filtering predicted to boom

Due to the amount of spam and spyware being proliferated around the internet, the need for content filtering will rise substantially, according to analyst group Frost & Sullivan. Currently, content filtering solutions are much more efficient and versatile than in the past, when they were based solely on URL lists. Now content filtering which can recognise and filter instant messaging, VoIP, data leakage and mobile implements has been created.

What they know about you?

You have an antivirus and firewall programs.  You are confident that your browser and system settings are configured properly.  Are you sure they don’t know anything private about you? Really? Let’s see… Do you know that the following LONG list of information can be revealed by your browser? Basic Information – Browser and version name, Operating System, Security Policy. Accept Information – What kind of documents, encodings, languages, charsets, etc does your browser support? Acrobat Information – Is Adobe Acrobat installed and what version is supported ActiveX Information – Is ActiveX / GeckoActiveX enabled or disabled AFC Information – What version of … Continue reading What they know about you?