Microsoft AntiSpyware ‘now’ detects Hotbar

Earlier this month, we published a simple study (test) comparing few antispyware program’s real time protection – Does your antispyware’s real-time protection work? One of the antispyware programs that we studied is Microsoft’s Windows AntiSpyware Beta 1 which failed to protect the system in real time while installing a common threat Hotbar and did not detect Hotbar as adware or spyware. Microsoft released 5729 definitions earlier today so I did another test using Windows AntiSpyware’s real time protection with 5729 definitions and using Hotbar’s installer again: See the result in Calendar of Updates

Don’t be fooled by any installer

Users should not trust the installer of an application until you’ve confirmed that it is safe to install the program. What am I referring to?

No security news over there

I have another security blog over in my website on security but there is no security news over there.  I’ll be posting PC and security news here in SecurityFlash (hosted by Susan Bradley – “The SBS Diva”.)

Enigma Software Group did it again?

Their product SpyHunter is not classified anymore as rogue/suspect but little we know… they are doing something again. What they are doing now is not “taking advantage” of another anti-spyware program but taking advantage the name of well-known Index.dat Suite by Ur I.T. Mate Group. More info in Calendar of Updates

Captcha is here.. right here in blogs

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.) test is a program that can generate and grade tests that most humans can pass but current computer programs can’t pass.  Susan Bradley added CAPTCHA code for MSMVPS blogs to solve the spam problem.  Effective now!  Anyone who will post a feedback is required to add a code.  Example code: This new feature in MSMVPS blogs will prevent robots in posting unwanted messages (SPAM).  Thanks to Susan, our hero. BTW, yesterday a search feature has been added.  You can now search this blog 🙂

To Home Users: Do you want free security programs that really works?

There are security programs available on the net but you are not sure which will really protect you or do what it claimed to do.  Some programs worth $ but you aren’t satisfied because the next time you turn on your PC, you are greeted by some sort of spyware.  Maybe because the program that you recently installed is bundled with spyware or not recommended?  See Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites.   Below are the list of programs that are free for personal use and recommended to use by security conscious users like you. Anti-Spyware scanners/prevention (the following can be … Continue reading To Home Users: Do you want free security programs that really works?

Don’t be conservative. Malware aren’t. Why you?

I know there is a saying “If It Ain’t Broke…Don’t Fix It!” but you should consider reading what is new on whatever products has been upgraded by the vendor.  See what has been fixed with the new version.  See if there are security fixes.  Check if there are new features that might make your life easier. Don’t be conservative.  Malware aren’t conservative.  Why you? I’m talking about those users who until now do not want to upgrade to SP2, AVG 7, JRE 1.5 or 1.4.2_06, IE 6 SP1, Ad-aware SE.. etc. I’m also talking about users of old and unsupported … Continue reading Don’t be conservative. Malware aren’t. Why you?

I do not use the email scanner. My ISP scans my mail anyway.

The above title is what a user posted in CastleCops AVG forum where I’m helping as an AVG, Symantec forum host and a Browser Hijacker 1st responder. I couldn’t resist but to host her too <g> I replied to the poster:  “May I ask why you don’t use the e-mail scanner of AVG? Are you using another e-mail scanner or you are 100% depending to your ISP email scanner? I asked the above because I would like to give some advise (if it’s OK 😉 ). Even though your ISP is scanning your incoming/outgoing messages, you should allow your up-to-date antivirus … Continue reading I do not use the email scanner. My ISP scans my mail anyway.