Hey Spammer! Aren’t you tired?

Feedback feature has been disabled in this blog page.  I disabled it today.  A spammer is posting spam messages.  I patiently deleted 100+ of spam feedbacks today.  No feedback for now.  Hey Spammer! with .info domain.  Aren’t you tired? Bloggers can simply enable/disable the feedback feature in just 2 clicks.  It’s an easy task for bloggers.  Your task isn’t easy .. tsk..tsk

Welcome to newly awarded MVPs!

Welcome to all newly awarded MVPs!  Check out the list at http://mvp.support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=fh;EN-US;mvpaward&style=TOC to see who are new in the list 🙂 Congratulations to newly awarded and to those who are re-awarded!

Back to WWW

Heya all, I’m back online =) Arrived yesterday (6:30PM).  First, I will check for OS and security program updates (if any) to take advantage of all offered protection and program enhancements.  Next, will check my mail box then will proceed in reading newsgroup/forum postings (public & private newsgroups/forums).  Tomorrow, I will start feeding here again on whatever PC and security news flash that I may find interesting and important to mention. The 2 weeks vacation was great.. really great! My tummy was really full. I ate a lot of good Thai and Malaysian food (yup, I had Malaysian food because we went to Penang, Malaysia … Continue reading Back to WWW


No, Microsoft didn’t release an un-blog tool.  They released toolkits to unblocked and block delivery of SP2 for Windows XP few days ago.  Unblog means I’m un-blogging myself <g> for 2 weeks.  Going to Bangkok tomorrow and be back on the 29th “or” 30th of Aug.  There’s an “or“ because I’ll see if I can extend my stay 😀 Will unblog myself and unplug all stuff here tomorrow morning.  See you next month!

Calendar of Updates (CoU) moved

One is enough, two is too much…. [Rant on] My homepage dozleng.com and Calendar of Updates (CoU) – where users tracks and posts software updates was down again.  Kernel issue as per local host.  It was down more than 30 hours.  We lost 3 days of database. After a week, it’s down again.  Server crashed and HD failure as per local host.  No idea yet how much database we lost.  I and the CoU team can’t stand it.  You know what others usually say “one is enough…two is too much.. “ So we decided to make a move. Calendar of … Continue reading Calendar of Updates (CoU) moved

What an SP2 day today again :-)

Few days ago I removed XP SP2 RC2 Build 2162.  Add/Remove programs handled it well.  Did this to make way for this much awaited final build of XP SP2. Yes, finally it is finalized by Microsoft. So far so good.  You’ll see prompts here and there but that’s OK because it will protect you.  With IE SP2 – you’re protected from auto-installs of anything or auto-run of anything while viewing any site because it will prevent any automatic installation of anything from sites without your approval.  MSDN subscribers can download the final build.  XP SP2 beta-testers can grab it too from Microsoft … Continue reading What an SP2 day today again 🙂

BLOODY Keyboard

My keyboard is going nuts again.  It did few months ago.  Took the keyboard from my hubbys’ PC  awhile ago but afterwards he needed it.  ‘Remind me to get a new 1 tomorrow’, I told him..  No shop is open at this time [1AM] but hey.. Windows XP has On-Screen keyboard.  Never use it before… what a nutter-saver.  Actually blogging now using this On-Screen keyboard.  Keys aren’t complete but better than nada.  

Off-topic: Now Everyone Can Fly! via AirAsia

I’m not advertising.  I’m sharing to you the unbelievably LOWEST airfare I’ve seen! August 17, 2004 – I’m leaving for Bangkok.  It’s a scheduled trip as a “present” from my honeybum for receiving the MVP award earlier this year.  (Thanks sweetheart!).  I thought of flying with Thai Airways which served us well last year but I found an unbelievable offer from AirAsias’ “Now everyone can fly”.  Their airfare is unbelievably low.  Low as in low.  The lowest of them all! August 17, we willl be departing Macau to Bangkok.  Returning to Macau from Bangkok on August 29.  That is 13 days.  … Continue reading Off-topic: Now Everyone Can Fly! via AirAsia

Off-topic: CoUs’ Lucky 7’s Contest :-)

Lucky 7’s Contest!To all our members and guests:We are proud to announce a special contest!The founders of *Calendar of Updates are proud that so many of you have registered and visit our site on a regular basis. From our very humble beginnings (we laughed at the prospect of attracting 50 members!) we have grown quickly to over 700 members!To encourage greater membership we are having a special giveaway. We will offer a free license for software from one or more of the publishers that are found on our calendar (we are currently in the process of acquiring licenses, please see … Continue reading Off-topic: CoUs’ Lucky 7’s Contest 🙂