Announcement: In memory of Donna Buenaventura

We’ve received the sad news from Donna’s husband that she passed away unexpectedly on December 13, 2011. Donna has been a strong advocate for security and education for many many years and helped guide many in their interest of security on various forums.  She will be missed by many.  Her blog will remain as a tribute to her passion for security and her willingness to contribute to others. (comments have been opened up on this post for a short time) Other locations where tributes have been posted include:

When will software developers stop offering unnecessary software on software updates?

A friend of mine asked if he should also install Google Chrome when updating DivX Plus Player.  I told him "no, it’s not necessary. Uncheck all boxes for Chrome installation and other modification on the browser by Chrome".  I told him also to always do this action to other software updater or installer that will try to install a program that he don’t want or require. Since I have a DivX Plus Player that I haven’t update myself (because I disabled automatic checking of DivX updates) and yup, there was an update:.  It is v8.1.3: When I clicked "Next" button, … Continue reading When will software developers stop offering unnecessary software on software updates?

Think you know your stuff? Try a quiz!

Bright Hub have lots of new quizzes to test your knowledge.  Check out some of the quizzes 🙂 Example quizzes in Bright Hub: Computer Security Do You Know Computer Viruses? How Safe Is Your Wi-Fi Connection? How Secure is Your Computer? Test Your Computer Security Skills With the Malware Open Challenge Windows A Quiz for Microsoft Word Professionals Are You a Windows Expert? See How Much You Know Are You an MS Office Expert? Test Your Knowledge Think You Know Your Windows Computer? New to Microsoft Word? Find Out How Much You Know! So You Think You Can Use Microsoft … Continue reading Think you know your stuff? Try a quiz!

Malware Spam: Uniform Traffic Ticket. Aargh.. A bit old spam but not many AV will detect the malware.

Quoted below is an unsolicited email with malware attached: Subject:  Uniform Traffic Ticket (ID: 31534) From:  New York State Department of Motor Vehicles New York State — Department of Motor Vehicles UNIFORM TRAFFIC TICKET (ID:77810), POLICE AGENCY NEW YORK STATE POLICE Local Police Code 3 THE PERSON DESCRIBED ABOVE IS CHARGED AS FOLLOWS Time: 7:25 AM Date of Offense: 07/02/2011 IN VIOLATION OF NYS V AND T LAW 4 Description of Violation SPEED OVER 55 ZONE TO PLEAD, PRINT OUT THE ENCLOSED TICKET AND SEND IT TO TOWN COURT, CHATAM HALL., PO BOX 117 Screenshot of the spam: This type … Continue reading Malware Spam: Uniform Traffic Ticket. Aargh.. A bit old spam but not many AV will detect the malware.

Windows 8 and Windows XP

Finally.. I find time to download Windows 8 Preview.  Going to install it tomorrow and hope to see it work.  Will provide feedback, of course (if it’s not reported yet). If you haven’t download it and wish to try, get it at MSDN. Are you using Windows XP? Get the Windows XP End Of Support Countdown Gadget.  Today, I have it installed as a sidebar gadget.  XP users still have many months to use XP :)  If your PC is still OK, keep using it but ensure it’s up-to-date with available security fixes.  If you want a new PC, get … Continue reading Windows 8 and Windows XP

Goodbye Mr. Steve Jobs

Even though I don’t have an Apple product (except installing Safari browser when I need to write or test something about it in a Windows computer.  Some family members are using iPad or iPhone and I find it as cool gadgets but don’t need or requite it right now), I’m sad to hear that Mr. Steve Jobs passed away that soon.  I mean, not only he was only 56 years old but he bid his goodbye as CEO only in August 24, 2011.  That’s only a month and 11 days ago 🙁 This post is to remember you, Mr. Jobs … Continue reading Goodbye Mr. Steve Jobs

Stick with Microsoft Security Essentials or Avast for now

If we want free antivirus program, we seems to only have few choices now — Microsoft Security Essentials and Avast.. simply because the simple and great Avira AntiVir has gone to the dark-side by adding the unwanted ASK toolbar.  What is worst is it mislead users by saying it is "Avira Toolbar".  Glad my team and members at are fast to find it out last June and immediately stopped posting updates on Avira.  Time to logon to my Windows 7 computer and remove Avira.  Will install MSE! 

I don’t like the SafeZone feature in Avast Internet Security

Done reviewing Avast Internet Security program that includes SafeZone desktop (also known as SafeZone browser).  It’s not cool because it will only use Google Chrome browser to browse the net.  It should not be "called as SafeZone desktop" but SafeZone browser only.  Google Chrome browser is integrated and I personally don’t use or like Google Chrome.  Avast Internet Security doesn’t install standalone Google Chrome browser on Windows but will be the browser if you bring up SafeZone feature.  Read more at so you’ll know what else I don’t like with SafeZone in Internet security program by Avast.  I think … Continue reading I don’t like the SafeZone feature in Avast Internet Security

Looks like Avast Licensing Server Has Problem (Updated)

I downloaded the trial version of Avast Internet Security because I need to review it.  The test system didn’t have that program before but the new trial version (supposedly 30 days) says the program has expired on March 19, 2011.  Today is March 26, 2011 which is is the day I install the trial version right after the download has finished.  I reproduced the issue by restoring my computer to previous "backup image". Note that the backup image doesn’t have or never had any antivirus program by any vendor because it’s my test system’s image.  The only security software on … Continue reading Looks like Avast Licensing Server Has Problem (Updated)

I know…

I know that I have not enter any blog entry here for few months already.  I can explain but most stuff is due to personal and work related.  Been writing still at Bright Hub, I moved home and you know, attending on the new home.  I call it home because it feels like home (I say feels like home only because there’s a bit of issue that is coming again.. see below).  Also attending on small business that I need to face full time now (at least, after doing what I got to do at home and writing).  BTW, check … Continue reading I know…