Inboxes Stuffed With Worms Over Thanksgiving

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Anti-Virus Vendor Response Times To Recent Sober Outbreak as Reported By AV-Test for November 28, 2005 This week, we present more antivirus software vendor response results from AV-Test, an independent test lab that tracks dozens of antivirus products on numerous platforms. Several new variants of the Sober worm have been released in the last two […]

Apple Security Update Fixes Multiple Mac OS X Vulnerabilities

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Apple has released security updates to address thirteen vulnerabilities identified in Mac OS X. These flaws could be exploited by remote or local attackers to execute arbitrary commands, bypass security restrictions and conduct cross site scripting attacks. FrSIRT

Double trouble

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Exploits have been released for two Microsoft flaws this week, and users are advised to patch immediately. The first exploit, for MS05-053 is reported to cause a DOS condition, sending CPU usage to 100% when viewing a file in IE. The Microsoft security bulletin for this vulnerability lists remote code execution as a possibility, indicating […]

Keyloggers Run Rampant on Net

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Keylogging programs are the epitome of online stealth, and they’re also a mushrooming problem on the Internet, where identity and intellectual property thefts are fueling an explosion of key-capture tools. More than 6,000 keylogging programs will be released by the end of this year, according to projections by iDefense. That’s an increase of 2,000 percent […]

Is Your Printer Spying On You?

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Color laser printers sure are nifty, but they might be a little more nifty than you bargained for because certain printers made by manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Xerox, and others place tracking dots on every document you print. Why are they there? Ask the U.S. Secret Service. Manufacturers place the dots on […]

Sober Worm Hidden In Fake CIA E-mails Remains Threat

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Sober.x, the year’s biggest worm outbreak, showed little signs of slowing Monday, a security company reported. One in every 14 e-mail messages passing through the filters of U.K.-based Sophos carried the Sober payload, with the worm accounting for 85 percent of all malicious code detected. The sheer rate at which this worm is spreading proves […]

MS05-051 POC Exploit

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Published: 2005-11-27,Last Updated: 2005-11-27 23:25:58 UTC by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 1) From Internet Storm Center, a proof of concept (PoC) exploit was released against systems vulnerable to MS05-051. MS05-051 was released in October. The vulnerability does allow for arbitrary code execution in systems with the Microsoft Distriuted Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) enabled. In order to disable […]

US moves forward on data privacy

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A draft US law to increase the security and privacy of personal information held by companies took a step forward last week, when it was approved by the influential Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill includes a duty to disclose security breaches. Under the bill, data brokers will generally be required to let individuals know what […]

Opera patches two browser security flaws

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Opera Software ASA has released an upgrade addressing two serious security flaws involving Macromedia’s Flash Player and a code execution bug affecting Linux and Unix users. The first problem relates to Flash Player and was made public earlier this month. Macromedia warned that the bug in Flash Player, a widely used piece of desktop software, […]

Symantec to Ditch Sygate Firewall

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Another free Windows firewall bites the dust. Symantec Corp. has announced rather abruptly that as of next week it will no longer support or offer its Sygate line of firewall products. The move comes little more than three months after Symantec bought Sygate Technologies along with its Sygate Pro and Sygate Free personal firewall products. […]

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