Bots doing the mambo

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A new bot is spreading in the wild, with attackers looking to compromise vulnerable installations of the popular Mambo open-source content management system. A recent analysis by SecurityFocus confirms that a vulnerability first published on November 16th has resulted in numerous websites being defaced. Now, a bot has been released that compromises the web server […]

New AIM Worm

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Malware authors just opened their own holiday season. We received couple of reports of a new AIM worm spreading.The worm is simple and doesn’t exploit any vulnerability; instead it relies on social engineering. SANS – Internet Storm Center

What is Security?

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An interesting question and one that takes on numerous meanings for many people. Computer security to me is preventing and detecting unauthorized use of your PC. Start with the OS, keep it fully updated with service packs and critical updates. Make sure you keep your browser(s) updated and patched. Get a Router, with the costs […]

Flaw Found in SQL Server 2000 Profiler

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A recently discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.’s SQL Server 2000 database allows users to mask their log-in names. The vulnerability was discovered by Imperva, a researcher and vendor of data-center security products. Microsoft put out an advisory that stated that the problem only applies to the Profiler in SQL Server 2000. The problem is fixed […]

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