Microsoft Smokes Out Office Pirates

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Microsoft shifted the focus of its anti-piracy technology from Windows-only this week and began piloting a program that sniffs out counterfeit copies of Office, the application suite that is, after Windows client software, the company’s second-biggest money maker. Dubbed Office Genuine Advantage (OGA), the pilot will be pointed at users running versions localized in Brazilian […]

VirusTotal Participation

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Hi, this is Ziv Mador again from the Microsoft Anti-Malware team. This week, the folks over at VirusTotal added the Microsoft anti-malware engine to their service. VirusTotal is a free service that enables users to submit suspicious files to be scanned by several anti-malware engines. If you choose, files that are not identified as malicious are […]

Trojan Demands Ransom from Victims

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A new trojan is making its rounds on the Internet, freezing up victims’ computers and then demanding a ransom be paid through Western Union. Called “ransomware,” the viruses have been around in Russia for several months, but the first English variants appeared in March. Sophos discovered the trojan and has named it “Troj/Ransom-A.” According to […]

Debate Breaks Out Over ‘Tag Spam’

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The price paid for a high ranking Google’s search list, can be counterproductive, because the often-deceptive methods to generate hits don’t reflect real Web site content, according to a speaker at this week’s Search Engine Meeting in Boston. “You can try to trick Web sites by embedding tag spam,” said Steve Arnold, a speaker at […]

New SocketShield Stops Zero-day Exploits

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A start-up security company on Friday unveiled a beta of zero-day exploit protection software that it claims will protect users’ PCs until they can apply patches from the likes of Microsoft. SocketShield, which can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Web site of Exploit Prevention Labs, is a signature-based monitor that detects and blocks vulnerability exploits, […]

Cleaning up a bad e-mail reputation

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About a year ago, Publishers Clearing House set out to make sure its e-mail reputation was squeaky-clean. The company, known for its sweepstakes and magazine subscription promos, stepped up its efforts to be a good e-mail citizen, and to make sure it didn’t send out unwanted messages. It developed its own tools. It hired outside […]

Vista To Handcuff Firewall

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Microsoft confirmed Thursday that it plans to turn off half the firewall in Windows Vista when the new operating system ships later this year because it doesn’t think most users need all the firewall’s functionality or can handle its management. Although Vista’s firewall will ship with both in- and outbound filtering capabilities, the latter will […]

Sometimes Those Error Messages Actually Mean Something

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From the F-Secure blog, Sometimes a support issue can lead to the detection of malware. As an example, this case of a blue screen error points to a rootkit as its cause. Removing spyware from a computer is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Look2Me, a displayer of pop-up advertisements, is a good example of a […]

Patched Oracle database still at risk, bughunter says

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Oracle’s latest update fails to tackle a database flaw that has already been exploited, a security researcher has warned. Last week, the business software maker issued its quarterly Critical Patch Update, addressing more than 30 flaws in its software. However, the update for Oracle 10g Release 2 does not plug a hole that allows published […]

97 Percent Fail Spyware Sniff Test

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Just 3 out of 100 Internet users are able to sniff out sites ready to drop spyware or adware onto their computers, security company McAfee said Wednesday. In an online quiz run by McAfee’s recently-acquired SiteAdvisor, a service that alerts users of possible spyware- and adware-infecting sites via search results at Google, Yahoo, and MSN, […]

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