The following advisory has been revised in the October 2017 Security

* ADV170012

Revision Information:


– Title: ADV170012 | Vulnerability in TPM could allow Security
Feature Bypass
– » ··· guidance
– Reasons for Revision: v1.1: To keep the information in the advisory
up-to-date, made several corrections: corrected link to HP OEM site,
added link to Lenovo OEM site, added note that failure to run the
PowerShell script as an administrator will return incorrect results.
These are all informational changes only.
v1.2: Added information about how to use the PowerShell script to
remotely check devices for affected TPMs. Clarified that BitLocker
protection is affected only if the TPM firmware version is 1.2.
These are informational changes only.
– Originally posted: October 10, 2017
– Updated: October 11, 2017
– CVE Severity Rating: Critical
– Version: 1.2